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Open Space Centre- What We're All About

Open Space Center was formed in 2009 as a youth-led agency focused on providing opportunities for developing the expressive and debate capabilities of young people previously excluded from the frontiers of public decision-making. Inspired and initially supported by the Open Society Foundation, Open Space aspired to nurture the analytical and leadership potentials of youth and their meaningful engagement in public affairs. Open Space has since developed into a fully-fledged and leading organization whose business embodies the broadening of space and opportunities for youth to enhance their full potentials and meaningfully contribute to national and global development agendas. We are Open Space because that reflects what we do: we broaden space and opportunities for young people to enhance their potential and constructively contribute to Uganda’s social, economic and political development.

Our activities are designed by young people so that they effectively engage young people to apply their creativity to make a difference.  Furthermore, we always seek opportunities to work with other youth focused stakeholders in order to maximize the impact of our activities. With a vision of an a vibrant and empowered youth population, Open Space Centre has its focus on two major programs every year alongside other activities. The programs are; the National Youth Festival and the National University Debate Championships. Since the inaugural Youth Festival in 2011, the event has grown both in stature and importance, by instituting an annual unique multi stakeholder year long platform with inbuilt events and activities, where thousands of young people and youth focused stakeholders come together to not only celebrate across age and diversity, youth energies, potentials and innovativeness but also influence youth policy agenda at various levels.

By Open Space Centre, Uganda

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