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“Engaging with university students from the DR Congo in the promotion of a culture of peace and nonviolence”

All for social justice is a youth-led community organization based in the DR Congo and managed by a team of self-motivated and visionary young leaders. Its work focuses on nonviolence education, civic education, youth and women leadership development as well as the promotion of social entrepreneurship.

As part of its nonviolence education engagement through the Amani Volunteer program and with the support of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church under the Human Relations Day Grant, All For Social Justice will launch a program called Campus Peace Talks. These will consist of forums on peace, nonviolence and servant leadership that will be organized in three major cities namely Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi.

These forums will aim at empowering young people who are university students so that they can participate effectively in the promotion of a culture of peace, non-violence and community service within their campus as well as in their local communities. In addition, after each forum they will be provided with the opportunity to be main actors in the process of identifying and resolving specific social problems and social conflicts affecting them directly and indirectly as well as their local communities.

The main objectives of this initiative are:

- To make young people aware about the consequences of violence and suggest them different peaceful and non-violent approaches that should be adopted for the resolution of the different conflicts and problems that affect them as well as their communities.

- To create servant leaders who are ready to bring change in their respective communities starting from school through various peace initiatives or projects and community service activities.

- To create Amani Volunteers clubs in each selected university and these will be led by a team of volunteer students in each university.

- To engage with young people through Amani Volunteers clubs in the investigation and resolution of specific problems affecting their communities.

- To organize capacity-building sessions for clubs members under the theme: "Servant Leadership and Nonviolent Transformation of Conflicts for Building Positive Peace" in order to prepare them for an effective engagement within their respective universities as well as in their local communities.

- To implement a mentoring program for members of each club throughout the academic year in order to build their capacity as needed on an ongoing basis.

To achieve these objectives, All For Social Justice intends to organize 4 forums this year in respectively 4 universities. At the end of each forum 4 Amani Volunteers Clubs will be created that is one club by university which will be composed of 20 members each. These clubs members will work together as a team in their respective universities in order to come up with activities that aim at engaging with their fellow students in the promotion of a culture of peace, nonviolence and community service. It is expected that more than 1000 students will be impacted at the end of this year through the various activities that will be initiated by Amani Volunteers clubs.

Martin Luther King once said: "Anyone can accomplish great things ... because everyone can serve. You do not need a university degree to serve. You do not need to tune the verb with the subject to serve. You just need a heart full of grace and a soul regenerated by love ". Therefore, given the urgency with regard to the reckless and violent behavior that young Congolese often display especially in the political arena or when facing various challenges and problems affecting them in the society, this initiative will be a means not only for raising awareness among students, who are actual and future leaders of the DR Congo, on the consequences of violence but also to inculcate them the spirit and culture of community service that will allow them to participate massively and effectively in the construction of their local community and not in its destruction.

This is one of the approaches that All For Social Justice will use starting this year 2019 to invite more young Congolese to embrace values that contribute to their positive development for the betterment of their local communities.


Founder & General Coordinator

All For Social Justice


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