We are a global network of youth-centric, civic education organizations

Our Mission

We strive to create a global network of young people who hold the necessary knowledge and tools required to be active and responsible citizens in their societies, capable of taking effective action to solve problems in their own communities.

We envision an energetic and informed global youth population, committed to improving their societies by participating in political processes. 

Our Values

Strength in










Our Network Partners

GNYA members work in classrooms, community centers, youth groups, publics spaces, and on the internet to provide youth the knowledge and skills required to play a role in their societies.  GNYA members are creating informed young citizens around the world. 10 Network members are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe, where the National Endowment for Democracy is supporting in-country trainings, networking, a conference, and intensive collaboration on a yearly basis.

300,000+ beneficiares

20 organizations

12 countries

6 regions

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North America
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Our Supporters

The Global Network for Youth Action is generously supported in its implementation by The National Endowment for Democracy and The Hope Foundation (Sylvia Brown). 

To learn more about supporting our work, please contact globalnetwork@generationcitizen.org for more details!

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