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The Global Network for Youth Action (GNYA) is a coalition of 20 independent youth-centric civic education organizations from all regions of the world, that collectively seek to build a movement in which young people are front and center in improving their own communities, and ultimately, democracies.  The network is facilitated and administered by Generation Citizen, a U.S.-based civics education non-profit.

The world's leading, independent civics education organizations

Convened by a global entity

A connected network, empowered  to increase youth action around the world

More than ever, citizens, particularly youth, are disinterested and disengaged from participating in formal political processes. We believe that functioning democracies need informed and active citizens to uphold their institutions and commitment to represent its citizens. 

That's why we started the

Global Network for Youth Action.

What We Do

The Global Network for Youth Action develops informed and actionable young citizens who improve the global state of democracy. The Network aims to:

Increase national, regional, and international cooperation between youth civics education organizations
Provide necessary civics education to develop active young citizens
Strengthen the institutional capacity and impact of member organizations
Contribute research and ideas to the global civics education conversation
Advocate to host governments for increased access to civics education and opportunities for youth engagement

Creating a new generation of active, engaged young citizens

May 21, 2018

Learn how we facilitate effective collaboration amongst the world’s leading youth civic educators

Discover our civic partners that are building a movement where the young people are front and center

We are always seeking new global allies and supporters to further our global mission

Read about the network members, their organizations, recent events, and more

April 30, 2018
June 11, 2018

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